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About Us

We began our bee keeping journey with nothing more than scrap wood from piled debris and unwanted bee frames. Somehow, we fashioned together a bee home with wire, glue and rusty nails. At the time, we did not have any bees, but our hopes lied with a small home crafted just for them. Every other day, after a small prayer for their arrival we'd opened up a cold can of soda and put it into our makeshift bee hive. One by one, our prayers were answered by curious bees. Soon enough, we had swarms of bees dancing about a new home eagerly awaiting the next refreshment. 
Althougthey did not move in right-away, this excited our vision to become legitimate beekeepers in a hot Navajo climate. Deep in the heart of the Navajo lands, we planted our first bee hive in a remote woodland just beneath the coves of the Black Mesa Basin. This heated microclimate region experiences an ongoing drought packed with an overpopulation of feral livestock, consuming tasty grasses and palatable shrubs. Since our first installment of bees, we've seen a bloom in all types of vegetation. Everything green seems greener and all flowers blossom charismatically. 
Raised as avid ranchers, our common goal is shared with the resiliency of grasses reaching for the sky. What was once a makeshift hive, became several established colonies in the following year. Full production is found where only tiny bee hands can reach. It is our passion to tend to God's cute creation, in the blossoming colors that make the world beautiful.
Bee keeping has brought us so much joy & challenge, we are grateful for your support and enthusiasm for Salina Sweet Bees Honey. Each and every dime made through selling SSB products will be used toward expanding the Harvey Apiary & providing proper seasonal treatment. We look forward to next years harvest and your valued connection to our passion for bee keeping.
- Your Salina Sweet Bee Family