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Spider Rock Life

Spider Rock Life

I never imagined Honey Beeing becoming a passion within my life and I certainly did not see an established apiary existing near my grandmother's hooghan. Thanks to Salina Sweet Bees the beautiful Canyon De Chelly National Monument landscape is blessed with pollinating Honey Bees.

Sheep, goats, cows, horses, and deer graze this portion of land. Water and grass is scarce. The land seems stressed and awaiting relief. For many families herding sheep, hauling water, and viewing the landscape as unique is a familiarity. 

Beekeeping should be a cherished addition to Navajo life, because this process allows individuals to view Honey Bees as a vital support to the land, rather than a threat. Until then, Beekeeping will continue with Salina Sweet Bees, where "beeing present" is a way of life. 

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