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From the Heart of Southwestern History

Navajo Honey Times

  • Extracting Honey with No Extractor

    Extracting Honey with No Extractor

    In our first attempt to extract honey, we didn't have the proper honey extractor. Extractors are essentially a barrel with a spinning pivot you rest the frames on. Depending on the size of the barrel, you can extract 4 or...

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  • Navajo Tea with Honey

    Navajo Tea with Honey

    If you can get your hands on some authentic Navajo Tea, this lovely recipe promises to melt your heart. Navajo Tea is another staple within Navajo culture. Harvested on Navajo Land and brewed year around.  Simple Recipe includes: 1 bundle...

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  • Blue Corn Mush Recipe (Bee Style)

    Blue Corn Mush Recipe (Bee Style)

    This recipe is a staple for Navajo culture and super easy to make for families or friends to enjoy. This recipe is widely known as a breakfast dish and children love it's sweetness.  Prep Time 5 minutes Cook Time 20...

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